Star Wars: Fate of the Old Republic

The Stuff of my Nightmare's

When eve asked me details about Sharken Zul my mind drew a blank, I had blocked out so many of the bad memories regarding him and had just focused on one day finding him and having my revenge. All the memories started flooding back when she asked that question though.

I remember the first time I met Sharken. He was a Zabrak a little over two meters tall. He was bald with over two-dozen horns on his head and tribal tattoo’s running in between them. Piercing blue eyes gave a cold stare at anyone who made eye contact and a pair of lightsabers hung from his belt. Afterwards I thought that the sith weren’t that bad they were people just like us. While that might be true for some of them Sharken later proved that people are nothing but tools to be used for his goals and discarded if they cant serve their purpose.

Sharken had been assigned command over our squad, the 217th. We were told that our squad leader would remain but Sharken would have authority over him for the missions. I didn’t really care, Ralk was still in charge and Adrian was assigned to us for demolitions. The three of us had been through so much growing up and later being enrolled in the military. Ralk had gone from a skinny little Bothan kid that ditched class with me to the Lieutenant in charge of our squad. And Adrian, well Adrian was still the delinquent that just wants to play with machines and blow things up.

None of the missions matter until the last one. It was the first mission that we had failed and the first time we saw Sharkan get truly angry.

It was a simple mission that seemed routine. Intel reported low security, an easy snatch and grab, we had everything planned out. Slip in, secure the target, and get out. The moment we got to where the target was supposed to be everything went wrong.

The target was a Cerean RNI agent, Han Risles, staying at a Republic base on Gyndine. Intel said that he was waiting for a pickup that shouldn’t arrive for another three days so we were on schedule. Adrian had set up the charges for the distraction and to cover us on the way out. Our squad was in place waiting for Ralk to give the go ahead, everything was going according to plan.

Our team was split into four groups to split up and secure the entrances to the building and then our team was to secure the agent. Resistance was minimal and quickly subdued. When we got to the room the agent was supposed to be in was where our first problem occurred, he wasn’t there. Ralk ordered an immediate evac. While we were withdrawing from the compound republic troops opened fire upon us. Adrian hit the switch to detonate the distractions but nothing happened. Everything was going wrong at this point. We were lucky the majority of the squad made it out but we still lost a dozen good men.

The mission was over; we had arrived at the transport. I was nervous, I knew the sith in charge of the mission was going to be upset and had no idea how bad he would react. Sharken Zul was waiting for us as soon as we returned to the Battleship Purgatory. I could feel the anger coming off him he was seething with rage. He stared at Ralk and began berating him for failing the mission. Ralk assured him it wouldn’t happen again. Staring coldly at Ralk, Sharken stated, “I know” and in one swift moment took his head off with his lightsaber. The entire squad stood frozen unable to do or say anything. At that second I knew I was done with the military. The only thing left to do was see how long it would take for me to get out.

Now after several years I finally have a lead to finding Sharken and making him pay. Hopefully the nightmares can stop. Time to put on a happy face and go shopping.

Loyalty Lost
Gideon T'sohn

[message left behind on Tattooine]
It’s been months since that day. I remember each of them. When I sleep I can still hear the screams.

The Republic should have locked me up, executed me, something… anything more deserving that this. Still here I sit, on a merc ship trying to do the right thing.

For so long I took the direction that I was given. Accepted that those I targeted were in the way of Galactic order. I knew my actions were wrong, but I always saw them as necessary. Dubious means to a justified end. Necessary justice; that’s what I was told so long ago, that every action I made was necessary justice. For the good of the Empire and its people, or so you told me. For years I ate that ridiculous rhetoric and asked for more, always looking to secure my place in the Galactic future. Then it happened, the one thing I never considered I would be asked to do. Prove myself.

Over two decades I devoted my life, conscience, my soul to you… to the Empire. Never questioning your orders, your decisions, your goals. Never taking anything from you. Loyalty in its purest form. And in one fell swoop you destroyed it. You chose to take that loyalty and test it. One. Last. Time.

I don’t know what goals you had for me. What designs you orchestrated. And while, at one time, I may have cared; that time has long since past.

I still dream at night, I still hear their screams. And I promise, in time, you will too.


I debated heavily on what to do about the creature we encountered that has taken the name Guide. We promised to leave it in peace and we did. I have decided that I am going to create a report and give it to Wrath so that hopefully no one else will fall under the control of Guide.

Report on the life form encountered on the derelict imperial ship we salvaged.

Description: Guide is a being of energy that has the unique ability to possess living beings. It is invisible to the unaided eye and without further study I am unable to say for sure if there is a way to detect it.

Habitat: Guide possesses the ability to survive in space and human friendly atmospheres.

Sentience: Extremely intelligent, Guide possesses the ability to learn everything that the subject of possession knows and retain the information with what seems to be eidetic memory.

Physiology: As an energy based life form it claims to have survived for millennia. I was unable to scan or obtain any data on its body. I was unable to find out what information the imperial researchers had obtained regarding Guide.

Movement: At present it dwells around a derelict imperial ship. From the information that Guide told us it is unsure how fast it can travel without a ship in space.

Discussion: This being is unique as best I can tell, energy based life forms are rare to say the least and this one is fully sentient. It views its purpose to travel the galaxy and experience things. What it means by experience though is to break off a piece of itself and put it into a sentient, the more intelligent the better, life form and take control of the body. Once you are being controlled subjects of the control reported that it felt like a dream and they were unaware of the events that were occurring with their body. It was possible to talk to Guide while he was in a body and he shared that all pieces of Guide are aware of each other piece and share the knowledge’s of each other piece. For the possession to end you must come to a state of peace with Guide and then it can freely leave your body. If you fail to accept guide then the only way to free the sliver of Guide from inside you is for your body to be killed, upon death of the body the piece of Guide is free to rejoin the main body.

Several things said by Guide disturbed me. Mainly that if it ever ran out of new experiences on the ship it could just turn on the com systems and that would attract a new ship with people on it that it could then possess for new experiences. Guide is a very dangerous being with an alien code of morality.

Please forgive the lack of information; to my disappointment I was unable to learn anything more about guide.

I also want to extend a warning that if you do decide to investigate this creature to only use druids and unmanned probes.

End of the Report.

Now that I have finished typed up this report I need to speak with Gideon about adding the hyperspace data for the location of Guide so that that system can be avoided.

Swoop Racing Mods

Adrian unlocked the door to the garage by keying in his passcode into the door console. The door slowly began grinding open and draw upwards. Impatient, Adrian ducked underneath the door into the garage. With his eyes closed so that he wouldn’t kill his vision, he leaned over with practiced ease to the shop terminal and turned off the alarm system and keyed on the lights and air filtration and acclimatization systems. The system beeped in acknowledgement, and informed Adrian of the multiple messages that had been left over the past few days, and summarily ignored. Most of them were from his mother, reminding him to eat or wanting to talk about the latest gossip.

The lights flickered on one by one and the soft hum of electricity and glow of mass-produced glow bulbs filled the garage, revealing a Lhosan Industries Swoop Racer. The Lhosan Industries Swoop Racer was the fastest mass-produced speeder bike around. At a max speed of 850 km/h and the turning radius of a garbage scow, driving one took equally heavy doses of skill, reflexes, courage, and luck to pilot. Swoop racing itself was dangerous, expensive, and limited to nobles or their sponsored pilot. Each racer had their own mechanic, assigned the difficult task of maintaining the bikes or the inevitable body repair. His client, Aihara Atsutane, one of the young nobles of Akai-Kyojin, commissioned him to make the speeder even faster than its already ludicrously fast speed.

Adrian didn’t know the noble, he had only met the man once, but his sister’s friend passed along the job. His sister Kira was a club-hopping, vacuous waste of space that couldn’t rub two brain cells together to start a fire, but was somehow always able to get Adrian in trouble when he least expected it. Her friend, Biree Jastra’nel, seemed nice, but Adrian always felt like there was a subtle conversation going on in a language he couldn’t understand, as if they were manipulating him every time they were in a room together. He usually trusted his sister as far as he could throw her, but he needed the cash, and the noble was paying well on top of the part expenses.

Adrian began the day by cleaning his tools and inspecting them for wear. Satisfied that nothing was wrong, he laid a towel on the creeper next to the swoop and laid down on it. He then picked up the plasma torch and multi-tool and slid underneath.

Several hours and several silently missed calls passed as he finished removing the brakes from the swoop. It was a common modification to the Swoop Racer. By removing the brakes, the weight of the swoop decreased dramatically, and by slightly overclocking the repulsorlift pulse frequence and some slight body work on the front, it was possible to increase the speed of the Swoop to over 1000 km/h. Assuming that you had enough of a stretch to slow down, it was possible to use the steering flaps to stop the racer, but steering flaps were nothing compared to actual brakes when it came to actually stopping.

He had just finished rewiring the brake system into commands for the navicomputer to engage the flaps when a very irate young nagai noble walked into his shop. Adrian recognized the man as the owner of the speeder. Aihara appeared pale and sweaty as if from exertion. Behind him was a bothan noble on a speeder bike who seemed to be having fun at his friend’s expense, but as soon as he saw Adrian, he turned serious and threatening. “Where have you been?” the first noble yelled when he caught sight of Adrian.

“What?” asked Adrian, confused. “I’ve been here all day, working.”

“I must have called you twelve times!,” Aihara shouted exasperatedly. “I’m supposed to be in a race in fifteen minutes, and I don’t have my racer back yet. You said that it would be done today.”

“But..” Adrian began, but was interrupted by the noble.

“No excuses! I’ll be paying you good creds to get this done, and if it isn’t done soon, I’ll begin docking late fees from what I owe you,” Aihara yelled as he pulled out his credit chip and began waving it threateningly in Adrian’s face.

“I’ve…” Adrian began again, but was once again interrupted.

“What’s taking you so long? I thought you were just making it go faster?” Aihara asked rhetorically before turning to his partner, not paying attention to Adrian. “I never should have listened to Biree, Ralk. I’ve got a race to win tonight. Why did she even recommend this guy?”

“I’ve just finished,” Adrian said, annoyed. He then walked over to the bench, grabbed a small gadget that was lying there, and pushed a button. The Swoop purred to life, the engine humming smoothly at a higher pitch than when it had first came into the shop. He pushed another button, and the swoop began doing a quick self test, going through each of the systems. From where Aihara was standing, he could easily see that the lift output capability from the repulsorlift engine was a up by a quarter.

Aihara was taken aback momentarily before he gleefully snatched the device out of Adrian’s hands and then tossed the credit chip at Adrian. “Good. Let’s go, Ralk,” he said as he jumped on the speeder and put it into gear.

Ralk sneered at Adrian before starting his own speeder and turned to the nagai, “If you hurry, you can talk to Janasen before the race. She’s been eyeing you, Aihara. If you win today, you’re sure to get in her pants.”

As the negai began to pull out of the garage, Adrian shouted, “Hey! I need to tell you…”

“Yeah, yeah. Call and leave me a message,” Aihara shouted. “I’ll get to it later! I’ve got a race to win!” He then gunned the engine, speeding past his friend with a whoop of exultation. The bothan sped off a moment later, leaving Adrian choking on the dust that the two speeders left behind.

After he finished coughing, Adrian heard an extremely loud explosion that sounded like it detonated a kilometer away, as if someone going extremely fast had crashed into a building. “…you don’t have any brakes,” he said, more to himself than anyone else.

New Beginning
Viktor Reznik

Commander Rien looks Viktor in the eyes as he pins Private’s chevrons on his collar. It was 5 years ago almost to the day that Viktor’s father did the same, except that the chevrons were Imperial, not Republic.

This is Viktor’s way of repaying the Jedi, Dran, for the sacrifice that was made on Viktor’s behalf. Dran has pledged his service to the Republic, and he kept his word. Now it is Viktor’s time to return the favor, and he will do it in the only way he knows how: Serving in the Republic Army.

What lies ahead? This “War” is far from over. Many will be wounded, many more will die. The Empire is not taking any prisoners.

“Make the republic proud.” Said Rien.

Viktor could now truly feel the weight of his words, resting on his shoulders as heavy as a mountain.

“Speaking freely… Do I really sound like that?” Commander Rien said with an inquisitive eyebrow.

“Sometimes.” Viktor replied. “But, you are still a good man.” As Commander Rien salutes Viktor, he can almost see his father standing there. Viktor returns Rien’s salute and with a stern look on his face, Commander Rien turns from the soldier and walks away.

“I will make you proud, Commander Rien.” Viktor thinks to himself. “Just as I made my father proud.”

Viktor drops his salute and walks onto the ship that is about to depart.

Zeris Vitt

When you’re pretending to be someone you are not, it pays to know everything about them. Likes, dislikes, mannerisms and other stuff like that. Of course when you’re making it up as it goes along then you have to take cues from the person that thinks you are that person. So what I can tell from this slightly deranged secretary is that Teleron Davees is one sick and detestable nerf herder.

Maybe I should back up a few steps, after getting done with the salvaging job where my body was “borrowed” by some floating cloud of curiousness we got a job from The Praetorian. Seems Dran has gone missing and we’re supposed to meet up with someone to find him. I have no problems with that, I mean Dran seems like good guy and unlike the rest of the Jedi he can talk like a regular person. (Sorry Rathe)

We meet up with a guy I’m calling Benny and I can tell he’s my kind of people, though he might be a bit more trigger happy. We have to head up to a station where Dran was last seen and hope he’s not dead. Usual smuggler thing of pretending to be somewhere for a different reason. Thanks to the more mechanically inclined we find a floor that doesn’t exist and my interest is peeked.

This is when we get to the part where I’m mistaken for Mr. Davees. I got to say what are the odds that another Miraluka would be coming to this floor on this day. I wouldn’t have bet on it. Still the part of playing him leaves a bad taste in my mouth, but it also leads to a clone/modify operation with Viktor’s father and larger brother as it’s test subjects and Dran as a guest.

Glad Viktor covered for me, I couldn’t have done it… I mean I could kill someone, if I had to. But chained to the wall, not my style. We would have gotten out of there free and clear if the droids weren’t looking for Viktor. All my hard work is going down in flames, I had that secretary convinced that a fake Davees was coming later… that takes talents. I think I’m owed some credits for my trouble.

But now all we have to do is survive a fight with a gunship… no problem.


A Soldier's Death
Viktor Reznik

Andrei Reznik stood still for the holorecorder, holding both of his sons proudly so that he could capture this image forever.

Anastasia looked at him and smiled, “Okay, it’s done, my love.”

“You have given me two very fine sons, darling wife.” Andrei says lovingly.

“Well”, Anastasia said coyly, “we could work on giving you some more before you are redeployed.” She winked.

Andrei laughed and smiled as he set his two sons down into their cribs and began kissing her passionately.

As Andrei Reznik looked down at his son, Viktor stared back at him with sullen, teary eyes.

“Stop Crying!” Andrei yelled, and slapped Viktor across the face. “No son of mine is going to be this soft!”

“Mom would never let you do this! Why are you doing it now?” Viktor wailed.

Andrei looked at his son for just a moment with a feeling of compassion flashing in his mind. But that compassion quickly turned to grief for his wife, and hope for his son. He knew he could condition his son to become a good soldier and a good man.

And Andrei hit Viktor again.

As Andrei pulled his son’s head out of the water, he breathed a sigh of relief that he was OK. Viktor gasped for air, only to breathe in some of the water falling off of his face. He began to cough up water with every ragged breath. But, to Andrei’s relief, he was still breathing.

“Why… Are you… Doing this?” Viktor exclaimed vehemently between hacking breaths.

“You are the son of Andrei Reznik, and you will be a soldier.” He said with a look of disapproval on his face.

As Viktor looked at his father scowl at him, he began to catch his breath. Then his coughing turned into regular breathing.

Andrei hit Viktor in the gut, making him cough again. Andrei’s scowl turned into a look of pride as he shoved his son’s head back into the large bucket of water on the floor.

Andrei punches Viktor hard in the gut, making him fall to his knees. Viktor looks up at his father as he gets kneed in the side of the head. As Viktor falls with a small grunt, he keeps himself from hitting the ground by putting out his arms. Andrei kicks his son in the ribs with a sickening snap.

Viktor grunts louder, almost as if he wanted to scream. But, he did not.

“Very good!” Andrei exclaims. “Now, get up and walk to the Medics.”

Viktor picks himself up off of the floor and mumbles to himself as he begins shuffling towards the door.

WHAT DID YOU SAY TO ME?” Andrei says angrily, yelling in Viktor’s ear.

“I said, ‘This is the seventh time this month and it’s only the fifteenth day of the cycle!’” Viktor said very directly. “He hates seeing me, because he knows he is actually going to have to work.”

Andrei gives Viktor a sharp left jab to the face and a right hook on his collarbone, followed immediately by another nauseating crack of bones breaking. “Now that lazy medic will have to work overtime.”

As Andrei steps onto the shuttle, he sees his son’s platoon walk past, out into the fighting.

The siege of Coruscant had only begun and his son was but a Private in the Imperial Army. Andrei was not worried about his son, he knew Viktor could live through nearly anything. He has made sure of that personally over the last 8 years.

His only hope for his son is that he could make a name for himself as a soldier.

The shuttle door closed as Colonel Reznik turned to brief his soldiers.

As Andrei looked down the barrel of Viktor’s Blaster Cannon, he realized how proud he was of his son.

His life flashed before his eyes in the fraction of a second it took Viktor to raise the Cannon up on his shoulder, charge it up and fire it.

A look Viktor had never seen on his father’s face touched his eyes, if but just for a second. His father was proud of him.

As Viktor pulled the trigger, blood splattered everywhere. The remainder of the tubes keeping his father alive dangled from the walls of the cell where he had been held.

Viktor remembered what his father told him, “Do not pity a man that is doomed to die. He will be dieing someday anyways.” An invisible tear formed in Viktor’s eye as he lowered his weapon.

Viktor was just glad he could give his father a Soldier’s death.

The Beginnings of Doubt
Cleon "Csillo Ark"

\\Encryption beginning….. login successful… downloading file…

Republic Naval Intelligence – Dossier of Csillo Ark
Species: Ryn
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Height: 5’7"
Weight: 160 lbs (72.5 kg)
Current Status: Unverified

Assignment History
ATC 1- Recruitment, tested exceptional in special awareness, memory recall and logic. Malleable due to family loss.
Update- initial training indicates a solid work ethic and ability to adjust to changing situations. Has fully embraced republic chain of command. His emotional detachment makes him ideal for reconnaissance and investigations.

Update- Csillo has potential to become a liquid asset, able to carry out missions with little information. He has proven to put the betterment of the Republic above the lives of citizens. He embraces the ideal of “The Republic is more than just one person and must survive for others to live in freedom.”
Mock simulation Imperial Overrun 4-N: Troop Loss 14%; Citizen Loss 48%; Fleet Loss: 10%. Debrief comment “My primary concern was the safe extraction of the troops over the citizens, but not to the detriment of the fleet. Escape from the planet couldn’t have been concluded without the fleet. If we got all the citizens on the transports but was unable to move them, then their deaths and deaths of the soldiers would be for naught.”

ATC 2-
A019801- Assignment Internal Affairs –Sergeant Mo’tallo Results- Court marshal and dishonorably discharged. Notes: “It was clear that Sergeant Mo’tallo purposely put the lives of his unit in danger to save himself and was responsible for the needless deaths of 28 soldiers. His disregard for his troops is a betrayal of the highest order.”

A020015- Reconnaissance, Gordian Reach

A024881- Assignment Internal Affairs- Captain Yis Results- Closed. Notes: Captain Yis has demonstrated his competence and should be give an accommodation for his actions on Agamar.

A024901- Assignment Internal Affairs- Deck Crew Ulter Hissan Results- Court marshal and reassignment. Notes: “It was obvious that Ulter was selling Republic ship parts to friends planetside for personal profit.”

A030194- Assignment Internal Affairs- Chief Petty Officer Allison Blake Results- Court marshal and dishonorably discharged. Notes: “Allison’s gambling habits became a detriment to her squad when she gave troop movement information over to an agent of Mesta the Hutt in order to reduce her debt.”

A041877- Assignment Internal Affairs- Ensign Montgomery Results- Court marshal and reassignment. Notes: “Smuggling spice into Republic Penal Colony……

A second family
Jevic Brand

I feel that I have become soft. I feel that I have forgotten some of what it is to be a Mandolorian. I feel that it is to soon to meet my father as I am now.

I am going to strive to better myself and regain what I have lost. I have started gathering what I need for my armor, the first step on the long process for its completion. In the meantime I have used the credits we got from defeating the sith to acquire a suit of battle armor, it feels good to be in a full suit of armor. It feels right.

Thinking about the crew they are starting to feel like a family to me, we’ve been together for months fighting together, living together, and working together.

Darby and Calvin are great to have next to me in a fight, Republic training at its finest. I don’t even know what to say about the droid, it almost feels like it’s thinking on its own now somehow with the odd things it says. The rest of the crew isn’t great in a fight but they have some interesting abilities. We are going to have to talk to our bothan about when diplomacy has failed and its time to fight.

For now I am going to build my armor, the last suit of armor I will ever wear. And when its done I will show it to Mayghost and give him the fight he is looking for.

Oath Sworn
Darbie Hayes

Logged in, Duskbringer, personal logs
Log Entry – Hayes, Darbie

“We are the harbinger of hope, we are the sword of the righteous and the shield of the weak, do not weep for us, for we chose this path and accepted it as fate.”

This is my oath, my motto, that I have sworn to the Republic.

Although I may not be officially in the republic navy at the present moment officially, I still am a republic trooper at heart. I will not be swayed by hasty decisions made out of pure emotional process. I follow orders, however, I do not do so blindly. I weigh my decisions based on what will be best for the republic, through evidence and the system the republic has built.

I know our system has corruption, but there are good men, men who believe in the system, men who will fight for it. I am one of those men, and hopefully my comrades are as well. It seems that a couple, Jevic (who surprises me that he came around) and Calvin (a minor victory that he has come back to his senses) are well on their way, that hope is not lost for them. I, however cannot say the same for Csillo or Koth.

I don’t know what kind of oath those RNI boys take, but I would have to imagine it’s the same or very close to what I have. Csillo seems to have lost his way, forgotten what it is to be in service to the Republic, the true Republic… not the corrupt side that he only seems to look at. I hope that he understands what’s at stake, we need to be the epitome of the Republic, even through these trials and tribulations.

There is one crew member that I am having a hard time trying to understand, which is Koth. I’ve seen him do great things that have shown to me that he has a good heart, but his rage and misunderstandings of critical situations makes me wonder whose side he’s actually on. If the Imperials told him they’d wipe his debt clean, and give him a massive amount of credits to join them… I’m not sure he would say no.

Constant vigilance, Darbie. The road is still long.


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