Star Wars: Fate of the Old Republic

A second family

Jevic Brand

I feel that I have become soft. I feel that I have forgotten some of what it is to be a Mandolorian. I feel that it is to soon to meet my father as I am now.

I am going to strive to better myself and regain what I have lost. I have started gathering what I need for my armor, the first step on the long process for its completion. In the meantime I have used the credits we got from defeating the sith to acquire a suit of battle armor, it feels good to be in a full suit of armor. It feels right.

Thinking about the crew they are starting to feel like a family to me, we’ve been together for months fighting together, living together, and working together.

Darby and Calvin are great to have next to me in a fight, Republic training at its finest. I don’t even know what to say about the droid, it almost feels like it’s thinking on its own now somehow with the odd things it says. The rest of the crew isn’t great in a fight but they have some interesting abilities. We are going to have to talk to our bothan about when diplomacy has failed and its time to fight.

For now I am going to build my armor, the last suit of armor I will ever wear. And when its done I will show it to Mayghost and give him the fight he is looking for.



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