Star Wars: Fate of the Old Republic


Zeris Vitt

When you’re pretending to be someone you are not, it pays to know everything about them. Likes, dislikes, mannerisms and other stuff like that. Of course when you’re making it up as it goes along then you have to take cues from the person that thinks you are that person. So what I can tell from this slightly deranged secretary is that Teleron Davees is one sick and detestable nerf herder.

Maybe I should back up a few steps, after getting done with the salvaging job where my body was “borrowed” by some floating cloud of curiousness we got a job from The Praetorian. Seems Dran has gone missing and we’re supposed to meet up with someone to find him. I have no problems with that, I mean Dran seems like good guy and unlike the rest of the Jedi he can talk like a regular person. (Sorry Rathe)

We meet up with a guy I’m calling Benny and I can tell he’s my kind of people, though he might be a bit more trigger happy. We have to head up to a station where Dran was last seen and hope he’s not dead. Usual smuggler thing of pretending to be somewhere for a different reason. Thanks to the more mechanically inclined we find a floor that doesn’t exist and my interest is peeked.

This is when we get to the part where I’m mistaken for Mr. Davees. I got to say what are the odds that another Miraluka would be coming to this floor on this day. I wouldn’t have bet on it. Still the part of playing him leaves a bad taste in my mouth, but it also leads to a clone/modify operation with Viktor’s father and larger brother as it’s test subjects and Dran as a guest.

Glad Viktor covered for me, I couldn’t have done it… I mean I could kill someone, if I had to. But chained to the wall, not my style. We would have gotten out of there free and clear if the droids weren’t looking for Viktor. All my hard work is going down in flames, I had that secretary convinced that a fake Davees was coming later… that takes talents. I think I’m owed some credits for my trouble.

But now all we have to do is survive a fight with a gunship… no problem.




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