Star Wars: Fate of the Old Republic



I debated heavily on what to do about the creature we encountered that has taken the name Guide. We promised to leave it in peace and we did. I have decided that I am going to create a report and give it to Wrath so that hopefully no one else will fall under the control of Guide.

Report on the life form encountered on the derelict imperial ship we salvaged.

Description: Guide is a being of energy that has the unique ability to possess living beings. It is invisible to the unaided eye and without further study I am unable to say for sure if there is a way to detect it.

Habitat: Guide possesses the ability to survive in space and human friendly atmospheres.

Sentience: Extremely intelligent, Guide possesses the ability to learn everything that the subject of possession knows and retain the information with what seems to be eidetic memory.

Physiology: As an energy based life form it claims to have survived for millennia. I was unable to scan or obtain any data on its body. I was unable to find out what information the imperial researchers had obtained regarding Guide.

Movement: At present it dwells around a derelict imperial ship. From the information that Guide told us it is unsure how fast it can travel without a ship in space.

Discussion: This being is unique as best I can tell, energy based life forms are rare to say the least and this one is fully sentient. It views its purpose to travel the galaxy and experience things. What it means by experience though is to break off a piece of itself and put it into a sentient, the more intelligent the better, life form and take control of the body. Once you are being controlled subjects of the control reported that it felt like a dream and they were unaware of the events that were occurring with their body. It was possible to talk to Guide while he was in a body and he shared that all pieces of Guide are aware of each other piece and share the knowledge’s of each other piece. For the possession to end you must come to a state of peace with Guide and then it can freely leave your body. If you fail to accept guide then the only way to free the sliver of Guide from inside you is for your body to be killed, upon death of the body the piece of Guide is free to rejoin the main body.

Several things said by Guide disturbed me. Mainly that if it ever ran out of new experiences on the ship it could just turn on the com systems and that would attract a new ship with people on it that it could then possess for new experiences. Guide is a very dangerous being with an alien code of morality.

Please forgive the lack of information; to my disappointment I was unable to learn anything more about guide.

I also want to extend a warning that if you do decide to investigate this creature to only use druids and unmanned probes.

End of the Report.

Now that I have finished typed up this report I need to speak with Gideon about adding the hyperspace data for the location of Guide so that that system can be avoided.



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