Star Wars: Fate of the Old Republic

Loyalty Lost

Gideon T'sohn

[message left behind on Tattooine]
It’s been months since that day. I remember each of them. When I sleep I can still hear the screams.

The Republic should have locked me up, executed me, something… anything more deserving that this. Still here I sit, on a merc ship trying to do the right thing.

For so long I took the direction that I was given. Accepted that those I targeted were in the way of Galactic order. I knew my actions were wrong, but I always saw them as necessary. Dubious means to a justified end. Necessary justice; that’s what I was told so long ago, that every action I made was necessary justice. For the good of the Empire and its people, or so you told me. For years I ate that ridiculous rhetoric and asked for more, always looking to secure my place in the Galactic future. Then it happened, the one thing I never considered I would be asked to do. Prove myself.

Over two decades I devoted my life, conscience, my soul to you… to the Empire. Never questioning your orders, your decisions, your goals. Never taking anything from you. Loyalty in its purest form. And in one fell swoop you destroyed it. You chose to take that loyalty and test it. One. Last. Time.

I don’t know what goals you had for me. What designs you orchestrated. And while, at one time, I may have cared; that time has long since past.

I still dream at night, I still hear their screams. And I promise, in time, you will too.



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