Star Wars: Fate of the Old Republic

New Beginning

Viktor Reznik

Commander Rien looks Viktor in the eyes as he pins Private’s chevrons on his collar. It was 5 years ago almost to the day that Viktor’s father did the same, except that the chevrons were Imperial, not Republic.

This is Viktor’s way of repaying the Jedi, Dran, for the sacrifice that was made on Viktor’s behalf. Dran has pledged his service to the Republic, and he kept his word. Now it is Viktor’s time to return the favor, and he will do it in the only way he knows how: Serving in the Republic Army.

What lies ahead? This “War” is far from over. Many will be wounded, many more will die. The Empire is not taking any prisoners.

“Make the republic proud.” Said Rien.

Viktor could now truly feel the weight of his words, resting on his shoulders as heavy as a mountain.

“Speaking freely… Do I really sound like that?” Commander Rien said with an inquisitive eyebrow.

“Sometimes.” Viktor replied. “But, you are still a good man.” As Commander Rien salutes Viktor, he can almost see his father standing there. Viktor returns Rien’s salute and with a stern look on his face, Commander Rien turns from the soldier and walks away.

“I will make you proud, Commander Rien.” Viktor thinks to himself. “Just as I made my father proud.”

Viktor drops his salute and walks onto the ship that is about to depart.



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