Star Wars: Fate of the Old Republic

Oath Sworn

Darbie Hayes

Logged in, Duskbringer, personal logs
Log Entry – Hayes, Darbie

“We are the harbinger of hope, we are the sword of the righteous and the shield of the weak, do not weep for us, for we chose this path and accepted it as fate.”

This is my oath, my motto, that I have sworn to the Republic.

Although I may not be officially in the republic navy at the present moment officially, I still am a republic trooper at heart. I will not be swayed by hasty decisions made out of pure emotional process. I follow orders, however, I do not do so blindly. I weigh my decisions based on what will be best for the republic, through evidence and the system the republic has built.

I know our system has corruption, but there are good men, men who believe in the system, men who will fight for it. I am one of those men, and hopefully my comrades are as well. It seems that a couple, Jevic (who surprises me that he came around) and Calvin (a minor victory that he has come back to his senses) are well on their way, that hope is not lost for them. I, however cannot say the same for Csillo or Koth.

I don’t know what kind of oath those RNI boys take, but I would have to imagine it’s the same or very close to what I have. Csillo seems to have lost his way, forgotten what it is to be in service to the Republic, the true Republic… not the corrupt side that he only seems to look at. I hope that he understands what’s at stake, we need to be the epitome of the Republic, even through these trials and tribulations.

There is one crew member that I am having a hard time trying to understand, which is Koth. I’ve seen him do great things that have shown to me that he has a good heart, but his rage and misunderstandings of critical situations makes me wonder whose side he’s actually on. If the Imperials told him they’d wipe his debt clean, and give him a massive amount of credits to join them… I’m not sure he would say no.

Constant vigilance, Darbie. The road is still long.



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