Star Wars: Fate of the Old Republic


Viktor Reznik

An excerpt from the holojournal of Viktor Reznik:

“The giant monster walked closer to us and I loaded Grenade Launcher. As fragmentation grenade hit monster, blast from explosion caught fire to rags and sharp metal pierced it. After grenade hit, I continued to pelt monster with blaster fire. Fight continued and beast fell, leaving speeders and scrap metal scattered on ground where monster once stood.

After receiving medical attention from Aihara, the Medic (he is credit to team), Gideon, Marcus, Wraith and I set off to scout in direction of giant metal monster. A few minutes later, we spot hut in sand. Gideon uses suit to sneak closer, and door opens, revealing man in robes beckoning us to come in from storm. We talk to the man, Tarryl, who tells us he is Jedi and confirms my brilliant idea about feeding metal-eating creatures objects with charge in it. He apologize for sending giant metal monster after us, and begs passage off this rock.

The four of us agree we should provide him with passage, but after we return to ship, we find out Terryl is Dark Jedi and intends to steal our ship. We kill him… It was no difficult task.

Wraith, Zeris and I go back to Terryl’s shack to find remnants of others he may have killed. We find skulls, identification tags, and a lock box. We are pursued back to ship by metal eating creatures, but there are many, many more of them this time than last.

Adrian, the Engineer (also credit to team), gave us many objects that hold charge to throw at these creatures from materials that were brought back to ship. So, we begin to throw these objects at creatures… BOOOM!! Most gratifying explosion. There were dozens of these creatures, and piece by piece reserves of scrap dwindle. Explosion after explosion and in what only seems like a few minutes, we were assaulted by another wave of these creatures. We continue throw scrap, creatures continue to blow up.

Adrian and Berko, frozen amnesia guy, finally fix ship so we can take off. As our ship lifts off, Zeris makes ship do many barrel roll to make the rest of the creatures fall off. With his expert flying, we break atmo with minimal damage.

Thanks to great team and my expert shooting and demolitions, we made many things blow up. Today was a long day filled with close calls and many explosions. Today was good day."



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