Star Wars: Fate of the Old Republic

The Beginnings of Doubt

Cleon "Csillo Ark"

\\Encryption beginning….. login successful… downloading file…

Republic Naval Intelligence – Dossier of Csillo Ark
Species: Ryn
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Height: 5’7"
Weight: 160 lbs (72.5 kg)
Current Status: Unverified

Assignment History
ATC 1- Recruitment, tested exceptional in special awareness, memory recall and logic. Malleable due to family loss.
Update- initial training indicates a solid work ethic and ability to adjust to changing situations. Has fully embraced republic chain of command. His emotional detachment makes him ideal for reconnaissance and investigations.

Update- Csillo has potential to become a liquid asset, able to carry out missions with little information. He has proven to put the betterment of the Republic above the lives of citizens. He embraces the ideal of “The Republic is more than just one person and must survive for others to live in freedom.”
Mock simulation Imperial Overrun 4-N: Troop Loss 14%; Citizen Loss 48%; Fleet Loss: 10%. Debrief comment “My primary concern was the safe extraction of the troops over the citizens, but not to the detriment of the fleet. Escape from the planet couldn’t have been concluded without the fleet. If we got all the citizens on the transports but was unable to move them, then their deaths and deaths of the soldiers would be for naught.”

ATC 2-
A019801- Assignment Internal Affairs –Sergeant Mo’tallo Results- Court marshal and dishonorably discharged. Notes: “It was clear that Sergeant Mo’tallo purposely put the lives of his unit in danger to save himself and was responsible for the needless deaths of 28 soldiers. His disregard for his troops is a betrayal of the highest order.”

A020015- Reconnaissance, Gordian Reach

A024881- Assignment Internal Affairs- Captain Yis Results- Closed. Notes: Captain Yis has demonstrated his competence and should be give an accommodation for his actions on Agamar.

A024901- Assignment Internal Affairs- Deck Crew Ulter Hissan Results- Court marshal and reassignment. Notes: “It was obvious that Ulter was selling Republic ship parts to friends planetside for personal profit.”

A030194- Assignment Internal Affairs- Chief Petty Officer Allison Blake Results- Court marshal and dishonorably discharged. Notes: “Allison’s gambling habits became a detriment to her squad when she gave troop movement information over to an agent of Mesta the Hutt in order to reduce her debt.”

A041877- Assignment Internal Affairs- Ensign Montgomery Results- Court marshal and reassignment. Notes: “Smuggling spice into Republic Penal Colony……



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