Star Wars: Fate of the Old Republic

The Stuff of my Nightmare's


When eve asked me details about Sharken Zul my mind drew a blank, I had blocked out so many of the bad memories regarding him and had just focused on one day finding him and having my revenge. All the memories started flooding back when she asked that question though.

I remember the first time I met Sharken. He was a Zabrak a little over two meters tall. He was bald with over two-dozen horns on his head and tribal tattoo’s running in between them. Piercing blue eyes gave a cold stare at anyone who made eye contact and a pair of lightsabers hung from his belt. Afterwards I thought that the sith weren’t that bad they were people just like us. While that might be true for some of them Sharken later proved that people are nothing but tools to be used for his goals and discarded if they cant serve their purpose.

Sharken had been assigned command over our squad, the 217th. We were told that our squad leader would remain but Sharken would have authority over him for the missions. I didn’t really care, Ralk was still in charge and Adrian was assigned to us for demolitions. The three of us had been through so much growing up and later being enrolled in the military. Ralk had gone from a skinny little Bothan kid that ditched class with me to the Lieutenant in charge of our squad. And Adrian, well Adrian was still the delinquent that just wants to play with machines and blow things up.

None of the missions matter until the last one. It was the first mission that we had failed and the first time we saw Sharkan get truly angry.

It was a simple mission that seemed routine. Intel reported low security, an easy snatch and grab, we had everything planned out. Slip in, secure the target, and get out. The moment we got to where the target was supposed to be everything went wrong.

The target was a Cerean RNI agent, Han Risles, staying at a Republic base on Gyndine. Intel said that he was waiting for a pickup that shouldn’t arrive for another three days so we were on schedule. Adrian had set up the charges for the distraction and to cover us on the way out. Our squad was in place waiting for Ralk to give the go ahead, everything was going according to plan.

Our team was split into four groups to split up and secure the entrances to the building and then our team was to secure the agent. Resistance was minimal and quickly subdued. When we got to the room the agent was supposed to be in was where our first problem occurred, he wasn’t there. Ralk ordered an immediate evac. While we were withdrawing from the compound republic troops opened fire upon us. Adrian hit the switch to detonate the distractions but nothing happened. Everything was going wrong at this point. We were lucky the majority of the squad made it out but we still lost a dozen good men.

The mission was over; we had arrived at the transport. I was nervous, I knew the sith in charge of the mission was going to be upset and had no idea how bad he would react. Sharken Zul was waiting for us as soon as we returned to the Battleship Purgatory. I could feel the anger coming off him he was seething with rage. He stared at Ralk and began berating him for failing the mission. Ralk assured him it wouldn’t happen again. Staring coldly at Ralk, Sharken stated, “I know” and in one swift moment took his head off with his lightsaber. The entire squad stood frozen unable to do or say anything. At that second I knew I was done with the military. The only thing left to do was see how long it would take for me to get out.

Now after several years I finally have a lead to finding Sharken and making him pay. Hopefully the nightmares can stop. Time to put on a happy face and go shopping.



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