Csillo Ark

A perceptive Ryn who hopes to learn who his parents really were.


Species: Ryn
Class: Noble 1
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Height: 5’7"
Weight: 160 lbs (72.5 kg)

WeaponTo HitDamageNotes
Survival Knife-11d6-1
Pulse-wave Pistol+12d6+4 Damage at Point Blank

Csillo was born on Balmorra to Stajin and Julez Ark. Although born on Balmorra, the Ark family, like other Ryn don’t have a specific one planet they call their homeworld. Csillo spent the first 18 years of his life traveling, CONSTANTLY. He never stayed at any one place long enough to build strong bonds with anyone, but this never seemed to both him. Csillo learned about the galaxy from his mother Julez. He was an ardent learner and spent many hours each day reading and watching the world around him. Although he didn’t shun the company of others Csillo found himself in solitude, watching the people and places around him and noting his experiences in his journal. When Csillo turned 14 he was virtually free to go where he wanted when he wanted. His parents never did dominate much of his time, to the point where he didn’t really get to know his parents. They never had a great need for anything fancy so Csillo never asked what his parents did for cash, they always seemed to have what was needed when it was needed.

Until the bombing of Coruscant, 4 years ago.

Csillo was visiting the planet of Velusia, studying the unique ocean life, while his parents were on Coruscant. He never knew why they went there, although he thought it odd during the time he also knew all too well that his parents were very spontaneous. When news of the attack came and his parent’s death Csillo was crushed emotionally. Although he was comfortable being alone, he always had his parents there and they had a strong bond between them. Although the Ryn community was a help in dealing with his loss, for the first time in his life he felt lost.

Over the next several months, Csillo spent time trying to determine what to do with his life. He felt anger towards the Sith but he didn’t harbor any deep need for revenge; how could one person find real retribution against such group? To help with both his need to do something and his resentment towards the Sith, Csillo decided to join the Republic. During the interview process it was determined that he would make a good candidate for intelligence gathering. The next four years was a grueling experience for Csillo in many different ways, overall though he prevailed. Thanks to his grasp of language, keen eye and dedication to details, he managed to earn entrance into the Republic Intelligence.

Csillo Ark

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