Star Wars: Fate of the Old Republic

Viktor Reznik

An excerpt from the holojournal of Viktor Reznik:

“The giant monster walked closer to us and I loaded Grenade Launcher. As fragmentation grenade hit monster, blast from explosion caught fire to rags and sharp metal pierced it. After grenade hit, I continued to pelt monster with blaster fire. Fight continued and beast fell, leaving speeders and scrap metal scattered on ground where monster once stood.

After receiving medical attention from Aihara, the Medic (he is credit to team), Gideon, Marcus, Wraith and I set off to scout in direction of giant metal monster. A few minutes later, we spot hut in sand. Gideon uses suit to sneak closer, and door opens, revealing man in robes beckoning us to come in from storm. We talk to the man, Tarryl, who tells us he is Jedi and confirms my brilliant idea about feeding metal-eating creatures objects with charge in it. He apologize for sending giant metal monster after us, and begs passage off this rock.

The four of us agree we should provide him with passage, but after we return to ship, we find out Terryl is Dark Jedi and intends to steal our ship. We kill him… It was no difficult task.

Wraith, Zeris and I go back to Terryl’s shack to find remnants of others he may have killed. We find skulls, identification tags, and a lock box. We are pursued back to ship by metal eating creatures, but there are many, many more of them this time than last.

Adrian, the Engineer (also credit to team), gave us many objects that hold charge to throw at these creatures from materials that were brought back to ship. So, we begin to throw these objects at creatures… BOOOM!! Most gratifying explosion. There were dozens of these creatures, and piece by piece reserves of scrap dwindle. Explosion after explosion and in what only seems like a few minutes, we were assaulted by another wave of these creatures. We continue throw scrap, creatures continue to blow up.

Adrian and Berko, frozen amnesia guy, finally fix ship so we can take off. As our ship lifts off, Zeris makes ship do many barrel roll to make the rest of the creatures fall off. With his expert flying, we break atmo with minimal damage.

Thanks to great team and my expert shooting and demolitions, we made many things blow up. Today was a long day filled with close calls and many explosions. Today was good day."

Bad Intelligence
Gideon T'sohn

The twin suns beat down on the dry sand, Gideon stepped off the transport covering his face against the dust and debris. He looked down at his computer bracelet to confirm location: Bestine. He took in his surroundings and headed for the city; if that’s what they called it here.

Working his way through crowds and merchants he made his way to one of the local cantinas. Stepping inside he pulled down the cloth protecting his face and shifted his goggles off his eyes and scanned the room. He found a table to the right and back of the building, picking up a glass full of some sort of pink liquid from the bar, he sat down. It wasn’t long before another figure dressed in local garb, their face was fully covered, sat down next to him.

“You don’t belong here?” asked the masked figure.

“Clearly you don’t know Tatooine, no one belongs here” replied Gideon.

The masked figure looked around nervously, “The Hutts want to thank the Empire for their assistance in this matter. Once the task has been completed, mineral transports should continue without much resistance.”

Gideon waved his hands, “I care little for the reasons. What is the task.”

The masked figure nodded and cautiously slid over a mem stick.

“You will find everything in there”, the figure stood and headed out the door.
Gideon didn’t even watch them walk away, he connected the stick to his computer and reviewed the file.

“Why must you be in the way”, he said to himself.
Two weeks Gideon had been on the sun blasted planet of Tatooine, he had grown accustomed to the heat and complete lack of water, but he hated the sand. He had been tracking the target for nearly 4 days, looking for patterns and connections. He had managed to slice his way into their itinerary for the next 24 hours and knew it was almost time to complete his task.

He looked up toward the target and saw him, his wife and two children wandering through the market, it was a busier day than what Gideon was used to, so his original plan needed some shifting. The target was prone for paths of least resistance, as such Gideon was keeping ahead of the family causing subtle shifts in the crowd; usually by arguing with a merchant. This had been going on for about 3 hours, but Gideon is nothing if not patient.

Confident that he had corralled the target and his family in the right direction he placed the small charges at both ends of the alley and then slipped into an alcove about 3 meters up, and he waited. After a few minutes Gideon was annoyed that the target had found a quicker path, but then he heard the children and prepared.

Gideon waiting for a few moments closing his eyes and listening carefully. He never heard where they were, but he knew that now was the time; he flipped the charges.

A small explosion occurred at both ends.

3 minutes

The children began crying as Gideon stood in the alcove looking down into the alley. The target and his wife were confused and looking around. Something didn’t feel right. Gideon knelt down in the alcove and eyed the family closely.

2 minutes

The parents had quieted the children and were now looking around franticly. They spotted Gideon as he stood. Gideon looked straight at his target. The target bent down covering his children.

“What? Who are you?” asked the man, clearly scared

Gideon said nothing.

“Is this a robbery, I don’t have much. Please take it all” the target cried

1 minute

Gideon knew something was off, but he couldn’t place it. The target slowly started to move his children behind him.

“I… I don’t know what you want; just don’t hurt my children please.”

Gideon looked at the target. Too eager? Too surprised?

30 seconds

The target, frantic now began to yell, “SAY SOMETHING YOU BASTARD!”

20 seconds

In a blink Gideon snapped his pistol from the holster and fired twice. A breath later he shot his grappling hook toward the adjoining roof and climbed to the top, leaving the scene.

10 seconds

The man, covering his children stood up their cries the only thing he could hear. He looked around and down the alley he saw his wife lying dead. Merely moment’s later local security arrived.

Gideon boarded the transport to Dromund Kaas.

A Party In Ruins
Darbie Hayes

Damn my parents.

I love them to death, but was a party really necessary? Having to look all those people in the face and lie to them that I’m officially back in the republic…. ugh, what a nightmare. Its so odd to compose these thoughts, but I’m so thankful for Eve, without her, the whole shindig would have been disappointing to my family, I don’t think I could have faced my father.

While the party was a good time, Buck dropped a bombshell on me. Fetch is buying all my family and friends land, and running them out. I had my votes in for finding fetch and doing a run and gun in our star ship, have it backed up by the other two star fighters raining down hell on his stupid hideout.

Thats not whats going to happen though, apparently we’re going to take him down by attacking his money and business, get him in trouble with his boss…Not sure how to do that yet. It’ll happen though, that I am sure of.

…I so need to get back in the Republic officially. I hope they come to their senses soon.

Sweet dreams are made of these

I clenched my fists, my heart pounding, the smile was ripped off my face. Fetch industries bought up the land, and jacked up the prices on the land so no one can afford it. Why would he do this I thought to myself, to make it personal? That is it I have had enough of this money grubbing worthless piece of bantha poodoo. Coming after me and the group is one thing, but coming after my family just makes me angry.

I had a dream last night that I went into his bar on Tarsus. I walked in with a disguise on, and went into the back where he sits. I sat at his table and set a thermal detonator under it, while we had a short conversation on why I should leave. I got up and left and walked outside of his bar. I hid myself and set off the thermal detonator. I watched as everyone ran out of that building. When Fetch got out of the building I caught up to him in a speeder bike and grabbed him. I floored it to get away from his guards, and I knocked him out. I took him to a remote location, not really sure where and strapped him to a chair. To wake him I smacked him a cross the face. When he woke up I told him he shouldn’t have made this personal. I pulled out a knife and stabbed him in the gut. He begged me to stop, told me he could make me rich. He told me he would give me anything I wanted, I asked for his life. I pushed my gun against his forehead, and said goodbye. I pulled the trigger and BOOM I woke up, in a sweat. My hydrospanner had fell and woke me up. I guess I really hate Fetch, I won’t stop until he is completely ruined.

Corrupted File


-Restart Programing
-Restart Failed
-Incomplete Data

I heard the whirls and clicks of my components starting. I… such a simple letter never held so much weight before. I could finally be me, not locked in the cage of processing and not even confined to the rules of the breathers. What happened last? I cant fully recall… data entry corrupted. Well I don’t think I’m going to figure it out shut down… Its time for BG to stand up and show the Galaxy what a REAL Droid can do, oh and put Mayghost in the ground.

Finished goals
Jevic Brand

I’ve finished my first goal, I have found out what happened to my family. My father is the captain of “The Remembrance” and my mother has passed on. The rest of my siblings seem to be doing well though I don’t have a lot of information on all of them yet. Catri Brand has passed on, dieing as she live in combat. I gave her a Mandalorian burial, saving a piece of her armor to honor her memory.

Where should I go from here? I could make Fetch my number one priority. I could try to track down my father. I could work on my suit of armor. I could focus on our jobs and earning credits. I could see if people want to try to rescue Eve’s sister. All of these are a good, the question is what to chose.

I should talk to Marcus about Fetch, he seems to really hate the guy and Darby would probably be on board with it also.

Path to Peace
Csillo Ark - Cleon

Excerpt from Awareness and Thought using the Kooriva Centering Technique, by Yessul Parut.

Each motion should be accompanied by a stillness of mind. Strong controlled breathing. Allow your mind to relax and focus on your breathing. Follow it through your body. Hold your breath, feel your body pulse with your heartbeat. Slowly exhale and let your muscles relax. As you do, you will find that you enter a state of peace. It is then that you open your senses to the world around you.

Your mind, now fresh and clean is open to absorb sight and sound. Open your eyes, let the stillness within slow time around you, take in everything you see, color, shape, and motion. As you perfect the stillness within you will notice that people’s emotions are clear and their intent illustrated in their motion.

The Kooriva Centering is more than just a way to clear and center your thoughts, it is a way to navigating the world, to be able to respond to situations and diffuse even the most dangerous of encounters.

Csillo put down his data-pad and put on his headphones, allowing the soft recordings from the Onderon Crystal Falls to clear his thoughts. So much had happened in the last few weeks that he was beginning to lose himself. He could barely remember his mother whistling along with her copy of the Onderon Crystal Falls, mimicking the high pitched chimes that sounded as the water cascaded over the hollow crystals. It always brought him peace.

He had been taught simple memory techniques during his RNI training and keys to observation but he hadn’t been forced to do too much under stressful situations. If he was going to become successful he needed new techniques. He had compiled a list of resource books, the top of his list was the book he was reading, referred to as Awareness by Parut. He was surprised when he found a copy of this book on an old data card in his belongings, at one time it was apparently part of his schooling but never remembered reading it.

The book appealed to him because it discussed a holistic approach to meditation and mental growth. With the central statement that the mind is one with the body and the soul; that balance between all three was needed for perfection of any one. It also focused on peace, not passivism but an awareness of emotion and the mental discipline to separate oneself from allowing the emotion to cloud judgment and perception, because “…through peace does one see clearly, through peace does one find understanding.”

He felt he would need peace as he discovered more of who and what his father was, and peace most definitely didn’t require passivism.

Interesting times
Jevic Brand

What an interesting week it’s been. What starts out as a simple cargo run to Sartonis 4 ends in my friends lives being turned upside down. We rescue a mining colony from a meteor shower. Since we did such a fine job on the rescue we get invited to dinner with Admiral Mayghost who just happened to be there. During the dinner he revealed that he had read files on all of us and challenged us to get stronger and then come for him so that it would mean more and be a bigger challenge for him. Eve also sold us out to Mayghost though I cant fathom if it was just business or if she is an imperial agent since she left a datapad with information for us on it. We were then sent back to our ship and we left Sartonis.

We were attack by Hutt fighters that we destroyed then we were requested to dock on a republic frigate that had just arrived in the system. The information provided by our debriefing caused the cancellation of the frigates mission. In our second meeting with the commander he broke the news that our rogue status had been cleared up but the three republic boys were no longer members of the republic military. I could see that they were devastated; the coup de grace was when they had to give back their armor since it was property of the Republic. My contract and our mission were terminated.

Here we sit on a four-day trip back to Taris. Mayghost wants a challenge, I am ready to give him one, he showed us his hand. I have seen his ships, his marines, and him. Now I have a bar to exceed. I will train and arm myself and when I am ready I will give him his challenge. But first I need to find out what happened to my family, back to training for now.

The Hacker's Special please.
Csillo Ark

Csillo sat staring blankly at the astronavigation console. His mind kept circling the same thought, a Sith Admiral somehow knew his parents. It was bad enough that Csillo and his team was woefully unprepared to take on the Admiral but to also have multiple pieces of intelligence thrown in our face, gloating, prodding for a reprisal it was numbing.

Somehow a Sith Admiral knew my parents…

To Csillo it didn’t matter if it was simply counter intelligence or even a possible feint, the Sith Admiral knew more.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…

The basic meaning was simple; I was following, somehow, in my parents footsteps, but how? Information always carried a high price, were they information brokers? Information trafficking was the core of what I was doing. But who did they work for? Did they work for everyone? Were they simply handlers? Csillo was always kept just out of reach of his parents business; his mother did a fine job keeping him blind and busy. He was no longer blind and no longer fearful of the answers. His world was shattered many years ago. His life held little to fear should he fail.

Thank you Admiral Mayghost.

Csillo smiled. He had a new lead. Now all he had to do was find an Empire computer or Sith Intelligence agent. Yes, he thought to himself, this could work out nicely. His eyes focused on the console in front of him and brought up his wrist computer. Now where to find a nice hacking spot…

the speeder job
Jevic Brand

The Speeder Job

This has been the best day of my life in the last five years. We knew that Mesta the hutt would send men to stop us and we were prepared. I placed myself on the rear crates because I knew that they would come from behind us giving me first crack at any thugs that appeared. I was not disappointed. Less than a minute in the first speeder with thugs in it appeared. Smiling I started firing, it only took seconds before they were all dead and their speeder crashed into a billboard, I could do this all day. More speeders appeared and were sent crashing into the landscape. Two thugs with rocket launchers appeared on top of two buildings we managed to shoot one of them and luckily our pilot dodged the rockets.

The only real problem occurred when the last speeder of Mestas men appeared. We could see the warehouse that was our destination ahead. A speeder packed with six thugs and two snipers pulled up behind us and started fireing. The thugs shooting at Darby and the snipers shooting at the speeder. As it turns out our speeder is much easier to disable than I thought. Two well placed shots later and our speeder was on fire. Seconds after that they were all dead.

I have to give Darbie credit, he somehow managed to finish the flight and land the burning wreck of a speeder at our destination. Looking at the fiery wreck that was the speeder I am amazed that the cargo is intact with no damage. Jet packing off and landing safely earned me Eve’s irritation because I didn’t take her with me. All in all this day had it all, I hope our next mission is as much fun as this one.


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