Star Wars: Fate of the Old Republic

Jevic Brand

I was five years old when I picked up my first weapon. My father took me outside after breakfast to a group of targets that he had set up. He handed me a blaster pistol and told me that its time I started learning to fight. There were five targets, each with a number on it, spread out in front of us. He told me that he would call out a number and I would shoot it. “Target one” he said, I pointed the pistol at it and fired, missing. “Again” he stated, I fired and missed. “Again” he stated, I aimed carefully and missed again. “Again he stated. I kept firing and after each shot he said again, I couldn’t hit the target, every shot seemed to go differently, some left some right I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. It always seemed so easy when I saw people training, point it at the target and pull the trigger. After what seemed to be an eternity of the word again I pulled the trigger and heard a click. The power cell had run out.

He walked over slowly and took the pistol from me. He could see the disappointment in my face. Looking me in my eyes he asked, “what did you learn”? I wasn’t sure what to say, I had missed every shot he had to be disappointed in me. “I need to practice more so that I can hit the target” I tentatively asked. Shacking his head he said “no, the lesson was that you need to start thinking for yourself, I handed you a pistol and you have never picked one up or fired one, you don’t know how to fire one.” He paused for a minute before continuing “You should have asked me to show you how to fire it, there is no shame in learning how to do something you have never done before, everyone needs to strive to learn and better themselves in all that they do.”

“Now let me show you how to fire a pistol” he said as he slid a new power pack into the handle.

It's not all fun and games
Calvin Hathowe - Earl

Finally a chance for something different. We have been reading Mechanical books and watching boring training videos for ever now. Master Sargent Thanewulf, our teacher, brought up a challenge. We get twelve hours to build a makeshift speeder. After completing the speeders, we race them winning team doesn’t have to clean the mess hall for a month. He picked the five best of us to pick out our teams and then took us to the junkyard.

I was one of the team captains. Master Sargent Thanewulf had us choose one team mate at a time until everyone was on a team. I think I have a pretty solid team but we have only five people, and the other teams had six.

  • Sean Kolzaar – Job bulding and stabilizing the repulserlift
    • A smart and Friendly Zabrak.
    • One of the best general techs we have in class.
    • Also can Play a KeyBed amazingly. (OOC its Like a piano)
  • Elias Jett – Job Hauling heavy things around and wiring
    • A massive guy.
    • He is really good with wiring and electronics.
    • Also good at hefting the big stuff so I don’t have to, but don’t tell him I said that.
  • Jonathan Maverick – Job installing and programming vehicular computer
    • An all around cool guy.
    • The best Computer system programmer and installer.
    • Quite the pick up artist with the ladies
  • Niko Watkins – Job constructing the main engine with me and Piloting during the race
    • A very Nice guy
    • A technical genius
    • Doesn’t have the common sense to not touch the stove while it is on.

After choosing our teams. Master Sargent Thanewulf takes us out to a junkyard and tells us we have two hours to salvage before we start building. This Place reminder me of Bucks junkyard except smaller. This was something I’ve done a million times with Darbie, scrapping through the junkyard finding parts for our speeder. First we find a hollowed out hull of a Lhoshan Swoop Racer, I have Elias and Maverick drag it over to our building section. I find another Lhoshan swoop racer with a destroyed hull but the engine didn’t need to much work. Everyone else was finding different pieces for the speeder. Some of the parts where for for a Lhoshan AeroChaser, Aratech Navigator, and even an engine from an XC-01 Starfighter AKA the Star Saber. We got to work piecing it together. Everyone was working on different things. After three hours of building it looked like total crap pieces and parts everywhere. After five hours in to the competition it looked like a speeder already.

While the others where working on there respective areas of the speeder. Me and Wilkins where working on converting the Star Saber engine to fit with the Swoop Racer engine. The idea being using the Swoop Racer to power the speeder mostly, but if there was a long straight away you could kick in the Star Saber engine. It would be modded to be used as a auxiliary engine transfer with a Mod Switch adapter for a quick trade back and forth for the engine. This being quite a dangerous process while assembling, me and Wilkins built it away from the rest of the speeder just in case something on the engine burnt out it wouldn’t short the rest of the speeder. It took a couple of hours of work to get it assembled. When we where confident that it was in working condition we had to disassemble parts of it and hook it up to the hull.

Now it’s crunch time its taking a while to fit this engine into the hull. Everyone is helping out hooking up the wiring and everything to the engine. We only had about an hour to reassemble the engine. “Only Fifteen minutes left.”, we hear Master Sargent Shout. I start doing last minute checkups on the steering and stabilizers and such. When Wilkins went to hook up the engine transfer converter between the engines. He hooked up one side correctly and hooked up the positives to negatives on the other and shocked the crap out of himself. It made a huge Snap of electricity moving through the lines. I threw him back about five feet and his entire right arm went numb. We went over and made sure he was alright. Other than some singed hair and his arm being numb he was. I ran over to try to fix the damage to the engine that it did. “Only Five more minutes.”, we hear. Well Sith spit, I can’t get it working. I tweaked a couple things and it fired right up. I double checked the switch for both engines and It worked though the wiring was practically fused so I couldn’t replace it. Maverick ran and grabbed the stencil he made and slapped a symbol on the side of our speeder as they counted down. “Ten nine eight seven six five four three two one. Time is up, Put your stuff down and walk away from your speeders.” said Master Sargent Thanewulf. We walked away looking back on our speeder it looked pretty awesome.

Well It was finished. We pulled it together and I knew we where going to win. We all went to the mess hall for dinner. The race will be first thing tomorrow morning. Unfortunately Wilkins arm was still numb and it looked like I was going to have to pilot this ship myself. I haven’t piloted anything in a race since I was like twelve or thirteen years old. Thinking back that didn’t end well either. Darbie and I, where riding our speeder and we when beating the Mcclary’s our rivals. When all of the sudden Darbie was trying to give us a boost something happened and we ran nearly ran straight into the wall. I was able to skid us along the wall and I landed the bike on its side. We let go of the bike and rolled on the ground the bike smashed into the other wall and exploded covering us in oil and dirt. I still think it was his fault he says it was my fault. That was the last time I had raced though. Now, I can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow. I really hope we win.

Breaking Peace
Cleon "Csillo Ark"

Clausocalanus pavo

An unusually prolific zooplankton found in the temperate oceans of Velusia. Its unique form allows it to efficiently filter water for algae, plankton and even large hydrocarbon molecules. These creatures have been instrumental in keeping the oceans clean from some industrial waste produced from the floating mining rigs that extract ore from the oceans. These small creatures have a difficult time moving about the ocean; instead they float on ocean currents and use rigid fins to help direct their path. They travel in large colonies and have tell-tale silver sheen about them that turns the ocean into a light show made from reflecting light off their exoskeleton.

Csillo put his data pad down and looked out at the Velusian Ocean. He was sitting on a large mining vessel, the Vanua, which acted very much like the creatures he was studying. The ship would filter the ocean water and extract a variety of rare ores from the water. Velusia was special because of this phenomenon. Csillo really didn’t care about the ore; he was taken away by the beauty of the planet. Crystal blue-green waters surrounded the small islands that were scattered around the planet. Velusia didn’t have a land mass greater than 25,000 square kilometers and a typical island was only 9,000 square kilometers. In Csillo’s mind each island was its own wonder-ground of spectacular plants and animals; it was the oceans of a planet that called to him though. Velusia’s deep ocean was rolling hills of royal blue serenity. Csillo sat upon the Vanua, looked out at the ocean in peace, blocking out the sounds of the ship and workers around him.

When the Vanua docked at the Nexcore Facility on the island of Levu, Csillo was still lost in thought. He disembarked from the ship and was heading back to his rented room when shouting broke out. At first he couldn’t make out what was being said between the myriad of languages being thrown around, but then a fellow visiting student ran into him.

“Chiloe, what’s going on?” Csillo asked as the young Twi’lek woman nearly ran him over.

“The Sith,” she said with venomous distain, “their bombing Coruscant!” Csillo froze. Chiloe took his hand and led him to the promenade commons. Large screens, usually dedicated to advertisement and the occasional news feed, were all showing the same thing: Coruscant was being attacked. Csillo couldn’t believe it. All around him, from various points of view, the screens showed scenes of massive destruction, devastation and death. His heart was racing. His parents were on Coruscant. “Where are the bloody Republic!” Chiloe was clearly upset. She turned and punched Csillo. When he turned and looked at her tears were slowly falling down his face. Her demeanor changed instantly, “Oh I am so sorry Silo, I didn’t mean to,” she stammered, “I am just… Are you ok.” Chiloe watched as Csillo turned back to the screens searching. “Oh frang,” she realized the source of his anguish. “I’m really sorry Silo, I forgot your parents are on Coruscant. Maybe they got out, look,” she pointed to one of the screens, “some crazy pilots are shuttling people off planet.”

“No,” he replied, “I can feel it.” He looked up at Chiloe as tears continued to fall. “They didn’t make it.”

Players, please read!

Heya guys, so here we are with a new campaign, a new adventure log. Let’s do this one right! Please feel free to post your stories on the log, but make sure that you put your character’s name as the Tagline so we know who is writing what! All OOC and game discussion belongs on the forums.

If there is failure to comply, you answer to him…
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