The Republic

Captain Teg Berko – Human – Former captain of the Pelegia Duplex Command Assault Gunship (Orphanmaker), the Lightbringer. Reassigned to Coruscant Orbital Platform, Delta Base, to instruct a new ancillary space flight program.

6’4", muscular, dark skin. Wears tight t-shirts with suspenders above smuggler’s pants and knee-high boots. Often wears gloves. (Actor: Michael Jai White)

Commander Tkrosha – Wookiee – Former pilot of the Lightbringer. Being reassigned to his own gunship with the rest of the Lightbringer crew.

Lieutenant Sheila Case – Human – Former chief engineer of the Lightbringer. A part of Commander Tkrosha’s crew.

Ensign Freslo Beeshk – Rodian – Former systems operator of the Lightbringer. A part of Commander Tkrosha’s crew.

Ensign James Donfit – Human – Former gunner of the Lightbringer. A part of Commander Tkrosha’s crew.

Crewman Niko Watkins – Human – Is part of the deck crew for Hanger 3, Delta Base. Also a part of Squad 12, which was lead by Calvin Hathowe.

A light skinned, dark haired human crewman is pretty much unremarkable other than the fact that he is incredibly dense and slow on the uptake. He has a good heart, though.

Senior Petty Officer Din Klast – Duros – Crew chief for Hanger 3, Delta Base.

The Jedi Order

Jedi Master J’on Drakfist – Human – A brusque jedi with an oversized cybernetic arm (left) and a cybernetic eye and face plate (left). A hero of the Great Galactic War. Master of Padawan Rathe Warslide. In recent events, tried to kill his Padawan learner and escaped the party. His allegiance is currently unknown.

6’6", muscular despite his age, light skin. He has short-cropped gray hair with a trimmed gray beard, but his beard does not grow over the scarring on the left side of his face.

Jedi Padawan Rathe Warslide – Human – A well-mannered jedi padawan and a decent pilot. Rathe is the padawan of J’on Drakfist and J’on is prone to openly chastise him in public. Rathe seems to be nervous about bucking authority.

6’0", athletic built, light skin. He has dark brown hair and light gray eyes and is known to smile. (Actor: James Marsden)

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